Be On The Lookout: Additional E/M Updates Scheduled To Become Effective January 2023

Be On The Lookout: Additional E/M Updates Scheduled To Become Effective January 2023

November 4, 2022

The American Medical Association (“AMA”) has approved and updated the CPT 2023 E/M guidelines on its website, and those changes will take effect on January 1, 2023.  These changes will involve both deletion and revision of specified codes.

The following codes will see major revisions in 2023.

  • Hospital services, inpatient and observation care.
  • Consults.
  • Emergency department services.
  • Nursing facility services.
  • Home and domiciliary services.

For example, Hospital Observation Services E/M codes 99217-99220 will be deleted, as will be Consultations E/M codes 99241 and 99251 and Nursing Facility Services E/M code 99318.   Included in the codes that will be revised are Hospital Inpatient and Observation Care Services E/M codes 99221-99223, 99231-99239, Consultations E/M codes 99242-99245, 99252-99255, and Emergency Department Services E/M codes 99281-99285.

Given the impending implementation date that is less than six months away, your organization has limited time to prepare for this next round of significant E/M guideline and code changes.  Fortunately, Garfunkel Health Advisors (“GHA”) continues to keep abreast of such prospective changes and other industry changes in order to assist its clients in preparing themselves accordingly to avoid reimbursement issues down the line.  No doubt more training is needed for practices to ready themselves for such changes in order to ensure documentation and coding compliance, and GHA is fully available to provide such guidance and training.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact (833) 355-1333.

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