Are You Complying With NYS Medical Record Survey Requirements?

Are You Complying With NYS Medical Record Survey Requirements?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Diagnostic and Treatment Centers Be Ready for 2024!

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) and Diagnostic and Treatment Centers (D&TCs) must meet extensive Federal and state requirements related to their medical record system. New York’s requirements go one step further and require that ASCs and D&TCs consult with a certified Registered Health Information Administrator (“RHIA”) or a Registered Health Information Technician (“RHIT”) on its medical record system. Proof of this consultation will be required during an NYS Department of Health survey.

Garfunkel Health Advisors can help. Our team of certified RHIAs and registered RHITs work side by side with you to:

  • Perform assessments of your medical records and
  • Help you meet the requirements needed for the survey.

Don’t be caught unprepared.

Spots are filling up, so don’t delay. To ensure a spot to discuss, contact:

Jennifer Asencio, President

Garfunkel Health Advisors